Work with PM, ADV, Payeer
became a lot easier
With the help of H-KEEPER (formerly Liberty Keeper) you can conveniently work with payment systems without having to visit their sites, remembering passwords and enter the PIN code
H-Keeper 3.4.0
Download for Windows (1mb.)


H-KEEPER used by moneymakers, buyers in online shops, freelancers and HYIP investors. This is high-quality and solvency audience. Especially effective advertising in the Keeper Internet currency exchangers, investment projects (HYIP projects), as this audience actively use the payment system PerfectMoney.

Advertising banner is placed at the top of the program window, it increases the conversion of traffic. You will be able to order advertising of exchanger or HYIP project using the form below for various periods - from 1 week to 6 months. When ordering advertising for a long time substantial discounts are provided.

Payment advertising in the project

Project URL:

Project description:

Banner type:

468 x 60    120 x 60    160 x 70   
Banner URL:

EMail for notification:

Period for banner advertise:

For your choice there are 3 sizes of banners:
  1. 120x60, located instead of the logo, occupies the most prominent place in the program interface. Static banner, price:
    • 40 usd - week
    • 100 usd - month
  2. 160x70, located under the interface of selection the period of history, now when space is still available, there will be placed banner of ArtWeb. Static banner, price:
    • 25 usd - week
    • 75 usd - month
  3. 468x60 standard banner in the header of the program window, dynamic, price:
    • 15 usd - week
    • 50 usd - month
When buying from 3 months.- 10% discount, from 6 months. - 20%

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