Work with PM, ADV, Payeer
became a lot easier
With the help of H-KEEPER (formerly Liberty Keeper) you can conveniently work with payment systems without having to visit their sites, remembering passwords and enter the PIN code
H-Keeper 3.4.0
Download for Windows (1mb.)
Free H-KEEPER is absolutely free.
Works not only with the PM, but also with PAYEER and ADVcash
Passwords No need to memorize, write,
or remember passwords.
H-KEEPER will make it for you
Quick access No captchas, PIN or proposals to change your
password. Access to the wallet in 1 click
History Convenient to follow the transaction
history, and even more convenient
to share it. Ideal for hyip monitors
Safe Passwords can only be stored
on an external flash drive.
Advertising platform We collected the CO for
exchange, and all services that are associated
with an investment in HYIP projects

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