Work with PM, ADV, Payeer
became a lot easier
With the help of H-KEEPER (formerly Liberty Keeper) you can conveniently work with payment systems without having to visit their sites, remembering passwords and enter the PIN code
H-Keeper 3.4.0
Download for Windows (1mb.)


  1. Question: Is it safe to work with the program?
    • Data exchange with sites of payment systems via secure https protocol
    • Your password for API-interface is not stored anywhere on the computer (if you do not specify otherwise. But in this case it will be stored in encrypted form);
    • When sending a request PerfectMoney, the password is encrypted using the algorithm SHA256 (as far as I know - this algorithm is still not broken) ... This means that even catching a line it is impossible to decipher.
  2. Question: You receive error "Code: 200". What to do?
    If you get this error - the reason is most likely in the next:
    • Incorrect Name API (can somewhere be odd space)
    • Incorrect password
    • You are not correctly installed on the computer date and/or time
    • You on the computer incorrectly set your time zone
  3. Recommendations for the use of the program:
    • After installing the software, it is desirable to move the entire folder to a USB flash drive, and continue to work only with the flash drive;
    • Set a password to run and to make a payment;
    • Formed in this file h-keeper.key (it will be in the folder Set) move to some safe place. This file is required if you decide to change passwords.
    • Although the program provides for the preservation and passwords for their accounts - for the purpose of greater security - I advise you not to do so (ie passwords to access their accounts better each time manually).

Perfect Money

  1. Registration on the Perfect Money site
    If you already have an account with this payment system, then go to step 2.
    The first thing you need to do - create an on the Perfect Money site an user account.
  2. Setting API for working with the program
    This point is very important ... Without setting the API in your account - you will not be able to use the program.
    To configure the API it’s necessary:
    • log into your account and select the "Security Center" (this is the top menu, next to language switching).
    • looking for item "API", and if it is disabled - click "Enable"
    • setting mask of IP-addresses from which will be possible to access the API-interface. To do this, click "Edit" button and specify a mask for your IP-address (eg 92,113. *. *).
    • If sometimes change the first digits (eg I have addresses 92,113. *. *; 95,133. *. *) - in the settings of API, you can specify several masks separated by semicolons ( ; ).
    • It is important !!! If you possess a static IP-address - that ideal - write it in the "IP Mask" - so we allow access through this API only with a certain IP-addresses.
    Done ... If everything went correctly - we were allowed to API-interface and now can safely use it.
  3. Download and run the program
    Now download the program, install it and run. Perfect Money tab specify the data access API (ID account - this is your ID, which you login to the site Perfect Money) - and click the "Login".
    If everything is correctly set - you will see your balance.