Work with PM, ADV, Payeer
became a lot easier
With the help of H-KEEPER (formerly Liberty Keeper) you can conveniently work with payment systems without having to visit their sites, remembering passwords and enter the PIN code
H-Keeper 3.4.0
Download for Windows (1mb.)


Added payments for ADV by e-mail.
We added new payment system
Added new payment system NIXmoney.
We added new payment system
Added new payment system ADVcach.
We added new payment system ADVcash. Also soon will be available transaction history in Payeer
Released version 3.0.1 of LibertyKeeper.
From today, the project Liberty Keeper goes to ArtWeb. I am confident that I can breathe "new life" into the program, expand the range of the users, not limited by HYIP environment, to make it more functional and easy to use.

What you'll see in the new version 3.01
  • Project name changed to H-KEEPER
  • The project site
  • Removed the "dead" payment systems
  • Changed the principle of display advertising, banners will change now classically after each request, rather than one after the other
  • Changed the cost of placing banners and their number
There will not be cardinal changes, only plan to add new PS:
  • payeer
  • okpay
  • nixmoney
If you have any suggestions for improving HK or questions on advertising, please contact using the contacts listed on the site.

Special thanks to the former owner of the project. Working with him was, and there is now a pleasure, he is a responsible person who knows his business and just pleasant to talk to. Senator will continue to work on the program in the future.
Released version 2.10.7 of LibertyKeeper.
  • modified the "formation of a verification hash-code" and "check payment" (in the previous version of keeper payment verification could operate incorrectly due to the presence of codes (characters) for newline).
  • Modified function when sending funds (if in the total sum (sum + expenses), when you send payment, to collect the amounts greater than the balance on the account, the amount to be sent will be automatically reduced to a value at which the account be debited for the rest).
  • other minor improvements...
Released version 2.10.6 of LibertyKeeper.
  • modified getting the history of Perfect Money (as Perfect Money recently imposed restrictions on the interval to query the history of no more than 30 days, we had to circumvent this limitation. Now if you specify an interval longer than 30 days - the program itself breaks it down into smaller intervals, and then glues the result). This better not be abused and used only when necessary, because - due to multiple requests in a row (and there may be many, if you set a large interval) PerfectMoney can block IP.
  • Added ability to add text to each statement of payment HASH-code for this payment. (in the settings added option "add a hash code for discharge", by default it is enabled)
  • Added ability to check the validity of the payment (only one that has been copied from the keeper). The window opens to check the menu "Program - Check payment." Copy this window full payment information (with hash-code) and click "Verify".
  • Modified the function of sending money from one account to another account belonging to the same account (previously it was impossible to send the full amount as a commission to consider the keeper of such payment, and shipping is not allowed. Removed calculation of commission for such payments).
  • other minor improvements...
Released version 2.10.5 of LibertyKeeper.
  • The payment system Perfect Money transferred to a new domain
  • Fixed bug where if you disable payment system Liberty Reserve settings, additional tabs for that the payment (if any user) continues to open at startup keeper.
  • Fixed text copy function statements payment to the clipboard (if in comments to the payment were Russian symbols, the table they are displayed correctly, and when copying of this statement and its publication elsewhere instead of Russian letters appear unreadable characters).
Released version 2.10.4 of LibertyKeeper.
  • in the query of history (in the payment system Liberty Reserve) was not working filter by date in one day. Fixed.
Released version 2.10.4 of LibertyKeeper.
  • in the query of history (in the payment system Liberty Reserve) was not working filter by date in one day. Fixed.
Released version 2.10.3 of LibertyKeeper.
  • Liberty Reserve payment system disabled the API version 1, and at the same time introduced a new API version 2.1. Keeper now works with API 2.1. (In this, they changed the control API signature line of packets. Also, a new API length control word (password) can not be less than 25 characters).
Released version 2.10.2 of LibertyKeeper.
  • Today, nearly all lacked the wrong message about the certificate. Like corrected. Test.
  • Modified getting stories for Liberty Reserve (as Liberty now allows getting the story only for 31 days in a single request, a little altered the function of receiving stories in order to get around this limitation. It is true that it is better not to abuse in order to avoid sanctions from the Liberty).
  • Modified the function of sending mass payments for Liberty Reserve (slightly altered this feature. Works a little longer than before, but certainly)..
Released version 2.10.1 of LibertyKeeper.
  • Liberty Reserve payment system work again changed its API version 2. Now, at a time to request payment history can only be for 31 days, no more (ie, it will not turn to look at the history of one year, for example)
  • Fixed display of Russian characters in the history table for API version 1.
Released version 2.10 of LibertyKeeper.
  • Liberty Reserve payment system is now working through the API version 2 (or rather, the keeper can now work with the 1st version of the API, and with the 2nd. Individual settings in the dialog do not become, it is still the first version of the API will soon disappear, but in the configuration file LibertyKeeper.ini section [LR] added option apiVersion = 2)
  • Fixed display of Russian characters in the history table (now, if the comment when making the payment was in Russian, then in the history of Russian characters and see (and not as strange characters until now)).
  • Now in the program has 2 sound files - one for positive change in the balance, the second - to the negative (in other words - the parish will hear a beep at a rate of - other).
Released version 2.9.5 of LibertyKeeper.
  • modified copy statement Perfect Money. (in the table shows the total value of the history and stories while copying the value of the commission is taken away. It is shown net, no commission)
  • Slightly modified the window display of banners (now in the window stretching it too will stretch).
Released version 2.9.4 of LibertyKeeper.
  • when you first log in to your account payment system with updated balance and history (not to press the button once more).
  • Added keeping tabs payment systems with which you worked (now users who work with more than one account will not have to every time you start the program open tabs to other accounts - they will open automatically).
Released version 2.9.3 of LibertyKeeper.
  • small changes in the display records from the history of payments Liberty Reserve (removed the extra zeros).
  • Small changes in work with banners (now when you click on a banner page will open in your default browser - one that is configured on your system, but not in Internet Explorer as it was before).
Released version 2.9.2 of LibertyKeeper.
  • Added ability to import payments from the * .csv file into a table of mass payments.
  • Improved the filter operation is a little "history of operations" for Perfect Money.
Released version 2.9.1 of LibertyKeeper.
  • for those who like to take screenshots of statements an opportunity to make a screenshot directly from the program.
  • Added a new option "Hide the last N characters" From / To Account"".
  • In the history of operations Perfect Money Tweaked a little field "Memo" - a comment of payment.
  • Improved mechanism for obtaining the history of the account in Perfect Money.
  • Improved dialogue transfer of funds in Perfect Money. (now in dialogue added the calculated field "Commission" and "Total Amount" - and thus immediately clear what will be the amount of the payment with the Commission).
Released version 2.8 of LibertyKeeper.
  • when exporting history to a file you can now specify the folder where you will be saved * .csv file.
  • Added option in the settings "Check for new version at startup".
  • Added option in the settings "to set the date on the date of the last run" (ie, the program will now remember the date when the last time you used it, and the next time you start to install the filter operations during your absence).
  • other minor improvements...
Released version 2.7 of LibertyKeeper.
  • If you change the balance is now updated immediately and history.
  • It is now possible to get the story without getting the balance (this is caused by the recent completion of glitches Liberty, when it is not working to achieve a balance inquiry and request for payment history - worked).
  • Multi-line comments in PerfectMoney no longer give rise to another record in the history of
  • Added menu item "Copy account number" in the table "Account Balance".
  • Added menu item "Copy the current record" in the table "payment history".
Released version 2.6 of LibertyKeeper.
  • Now the program is Portable (all settings are saved in a file in the program folder). You can copy the entire folder with the program on a flash drive and run from a USB drive anywhere.
  • Added check out if you start the program already (if the program is already running and you try to run again - it will pop up a running instance).
  • Added security settings. (a password to run the program, the password for making payments, Master Kay - without it will not work to change passwords).
  • Added notification sound when you change the balance.
  • Added ability to work through a proxy.
Released version 2.5 of LibertyKeeper.
  • added the ability to work with the payment system E-Gold
  • In your program adds the ability to disable the payment system, with which you are not working
  • For the history table is added resulting field that displays the Parish / consumption / difference from the records, which are shown in the table
  • other minor improvements
Released version 2.4 of LibertyKeeper.
  • added support for multi-language (currently there are Russian and English languages)
  • Reference program delivered in the menu (now it is much easier to reach)
  • In the field of payment and added a button name query account where the payment is made
Released version 2.3 of LibertyKeeper.
  • adds the ability to make scheduled payments (ie specify a date and time when the payment will be accomplished)
  • minor improvements in the program
Released version 2.2 of LibertyKeeper.
  • adds the ability to work with the payment system V-Money
  • Added automatic check for new versions on the site
  • The program is now swinging in the form of the installer (not the archives as before)
Released version 2.1 of LibertyKeeper.
  • Now the main application window can be scaled
  • Added ability to minimize the program to tray
  • To operate simultaneously with multiple accounts, you can open another tab
  • Added ability to specify a time auto-update ballansa
  • Added references for correspondent accounts (when making the payment), and comments on payments
  • Added ability to export records in the history of the CSV-file
Released version 2.0 of LibertyKeeper.
  • adds the ability to work with PerfectMoney payment
  • Add directory to select another of your account (for people who work with more than one account number)
Website created.
LibertyKeeper developed (version 1.0).